SBG Bulletin Aug/2018

12 May 2018

August is upon us! The sun is out and productivity levels started to vary across the city ☀️😃! Presumably depending on the quality of🍦 ice cream! Yet we have another issue of our bulletin, so lets see whats new in startup land Berlin! As always, please tweet you feedback & ideas @StartupSlack --Link

@username / A quick wrap-up about Landing Festival Berlin 2018 !

@username / We’ve recently crossed the 100k ARR mark for Voucherify, here’s what we discovered on how SaaS (and software in general) marketing works.

@username / If you’re incorporating: the fastest way to deposit your share capital and open a business bank account is with Penta.

@username / Do you get frustrated about what to eat for your next meal? We want to help you! Fill out our survey to help us!

@username / DevC Berlin from Facebook is a developer community to help them building better products. We organize monthly meetups about all technical topics.

@username / Hey people! Philips Lighting has launched a Smart Cities Challenge for European Startups in different fields: IoT, AI, sensors, smart lighting… Take a look at it, the prices are really cool! Link :point_right: